Pauli Lovejoy - "Give me a sign"

Using art and music as a vehicle for change.
"In a time characterised by global instability, turmoil and protest, it's apparent that the world is in dire need of values, people and work that will bind us together rather than pull as apart. Although our race, class, cultural background and perspectives may be different, there are always things that can bring together the seemingly dissimilar. This is the function of art. When playing to its highest self, art is never for one group of people, but can connect to many groups. This is simply because great art doesn't discriminate in who it attracts. It can connect with a child in Brooklyn, a man in Brixton and a woman in Bamako.

‘Give Me a Sign’ merges two powerful mediums (the visual arts and music), with a singular purpose - fostering a spirit of unity. Our routes to unity may vary, but most agree that unity is the ideal outcome. I hope this work by Amar and myself can be a small step in a journey that will take much time and labour, however if each of us take a small step in encouraging unity, the journey will be shorter and easier than we once believed" - Pauli Lovejoy

Artwork by: Amar Stewart

He thought of photographs as "catching the intersection points between your inner reality and what you are seeing"

- William S Burroughs (a quote from his recent exhibition)

William S Burroughs - Taking Shots Photographers Gallery, London 17 Jan - 30 Mar 2014


A black and white world is a whole different place. 72590011 72590014 72590017 72590019 72590021 72590022 72590024 72590031 72590033 72590032

Brooklyn NY December 2013

On December 19th I set off to NYC to spend Christmas and New Years with my sweetheart. This would mark my 4th trip to New York, and was characterised by freak warm weather (18/20 degrees) followed by the polar vortex bringing freak cold weather (-15 degrees!!). So obviously my British body (accustomed to the dull English grey and rain) couldn't cope and I ended up in bed for days with a super-sized serving of American flu. But before being bed-bound, I spent almost all my time in Brooklyn. However unlike a previous stay in Williamsburg which allowed me to live like the missing black character in Girls, I was in BedStuy living like, well like a regular American. So my American Christmas was great! We carried a big real Christmas tree home (well it was so heavy we tried to get on the bus with it - after getting a "hell no" from one bus driver we boarded another driven by a Man with more Christmas cheer - well actually I don't think he noticed our 5ft tree!), we bought decorations from Home Depot and Target (where we bumped into Robert Glasper - I resisted telling him how much I play both black radio albums and that my bf ban me from playing them in his presence), went to see the Nutcracker and went to a Baptist Church etc etc. But... come Christmas day, there was no sign of deep fried turkey (unsmiley face), however I was treated to sweet potatoes covered in roasted marshmallows instead and enough food for a week; the clever tactic of bring out the food in a steady stream instead of all at once was most effective allowing me to consume about 6000 calories! In spite of all of this fun, I'm not returning until the summer.... I just can't handle the cold.

To round up my little story here are some photos of BedStuy and Bushwick (home of the outdoor street art gallery: Bushwick Collective) More BnW film photos to come. 
CNV00017 CNV00033 CNV00015 CNV00028CNV00029 CNV00030 CNV00031 CNV00032

"I told them I didn‘t believe in art, that I believed in photography."

- Andy Warhol (taken from his diary)

Andy Warhol - Photographs 1976 - 1987 Photographers Gallery, London 17 Jan - 30 March 2014

"Take me somewhere where love is like breathing"

- John Legend - Take Me Away Lyrics