He thought of photographs as "catching the intersection points between your inner reality and what you are seeing"

- William S Burroughs (a quote from his recent exhibition)

William S Burroughs - Taking Shots Photographers Gallery, London 17 Jan - 30 Mar 2014


A black and white world is a whole different place. 72590011 72590014 72590017 72590019 72590021 72590022 72590024 72590031 72590033 72590032

Brooklyn NY December 2013

On December 19th I set off to NYC to spend Christmas and New Years with my sweetheart. This would mark my 4th trip to New York, and was characterised by freak warm weather (18/20 degrees) followed by the polar vortex bringing freak cold weather (-15 degrees!!). So obviously my British body (accustomed to the dull English grey and rain) couldn't cope and I ended up in bed for days with a super-sized serving of American flu. But before being bed-bound, I spent almost all my time in Brooklyn. However unlike a previous stay in Williamsburg which allowed me to live like the missing black character in Girls, I was in BedStuy living like, well like a regular American. So my American Christmas was great! We carried a big real Christmas tree home (well it was so heavy we tried to get on the bus with it - after getting a "hell no" from one bus driver we boarded another driven by a Man with more Christmas cheer - well actually I don't think he noticed our 5ft tree!), we bought decorations from Home Depot and Target (where we bumped into Robert Glasper - I resisted telling him how much I play both black radio albums and that my bf ban me from playing them in his presence), went to see the Nutcracker and went to a Baptist Church etc etc. But... come Christmas day, there was no sign of deep fried turkey (unsmiley face), however I was treated to sweet potatoes covered in roasted marshmallows instead and enough food for a week; the clever tactic of bring out the food in a steady stream instead of all at once was most effective allowing me to consume about 6000 calories! In spite of all of this fun, I'm not returning until the summer.... I just can't handle the cold.

To round up my little story here are some photos of BedStuy and Bushwick (home of the outdoor street art gallery: Bushwick Collective) More BnW film photos to come. 
CNV00017 CNV00033 CNV00015 CNV00028CNV00029 CNV00030 CNV00031 CNV00032

"I told them I didn‘t believe in art, that I believed in photography."

- Andy Warhol (taken from his diary)

Andy Warhol - Photographs 1976 - 1987 Photographers Gallery, London 17 Jan - 30 March 2014

"Take me somewhere where love is like breathing"

- John Legend - Take Me Away Lyrics