Your Just a WindowCLEANER

Now there i am getting ready for uni at 10am-running slightly late for my 11am lecture.

But anyway-im there in the mirror applying my facial enhancement [I.E. MAKE-UP], and dancing to my new Jamie Foxx album [courtesy of mr. bajade] so there i am doing the im all alone dance when i see what i thought was a bird or something at the window-i turn to look-

BUT its not any bird-NO IT A BIG FACE IN MY WINDOW!!

OK I SCREAM-i mean REALLY LOUD-horrOR scEne LIKE. So that he could hear it through both panes of glass of the double-glazed window.

Mum said i was lucky to not knock him off his ladder. THE WINDOw CLEANER THAT IS.

i opened the window to apologize and he said not to be scared he was just practising his new dance "OH HAHA VERY FNUNY"-i thought

closed the window and carried on wiv my make-up application- I MEAN I COULDDA BEEN FUCKING OR ANYTHING!!