my body seems to have had enough

got coursework due in at 5pm today-3000 words in which about 1000 is done

but what isn't helping the process is a number of factors

not only am i anaemic
had 3-4 hours sleep or less for the past 4 days
on a REALLY bad period
haven't eaten in he past 24hrs [or much 4 the whole week really]
but my mum poisoned me with dodgy powdered TEA-i didn't even know that stuff existed
the thing is i asked 4 tea-but we had run out of caffeinated(my mum only drinks decaf) so she decided for my body that the powdered one was gonna be ok

so i have serious belly ache and keep being sick

while my essay is due in 7 hours-seems like a long time
but not when i have to change 4000 copy and pasted words into my own!
in between running to the bathroom
and everytime i blink my eye lids move really slow so that i can get a little micro-sleep