What the OBAMA!

OK although its the American election madness-I'm well on it! i truly believe anyone in the world that isn't paying attention to be grossly ignorant really. To be president of America= king of the world. After the fuck up called Bush the whole world realizes that Americas problem becomes everyones problem!

well i'm totally routing for Obama-NOT JUST BECAUSE HES BLACK-because McCain is a grandad and Clinton comes across too weak-and Obamas.....black.On the real though he gives good speechs, very intelligent and is president material

Well americas a mad world-everything actually happens in real life like it does in the movies-or maybe movies are based on american real life-but all i know is that clinton is fighting real dirty!

I catch jokes from the amount of scandels throughtout this election-its madder than an episode of sunset beach.


Hollywood is bang on it-I always thought Jack Nicolson to be a don-after seeing this cheesey-vomit inducing-patetic attempt at this cut and paste clinton loving collage-

First pictures surface of Obama with a turban on a trip to somalia-pure scare mungering-even though muslims dont wear turbans!

Recently-wait for it-in a clinton advert where they use footage of Obama, hes been blackened up!
They must have thought "just incase the american public had started to overlook it-we'll just enhance it for them"!

what next? is Hilary gonna say shes pregnant? or Obama actually be the genetically cloned deceased brother of Oprah Winfey?!