mc donalds GREAT customer service

i would hate to admit i'm eating mackie d's but its quick food when in the library-and i have to admit to when convaying this story

wanted chicken nuggets

went in mc D's in london bridge

queued up

got small chinese woman[scw] serving me

i asked for "6 nuggests please"

scw "just the nuggets or do u MEAN the meal"

me "NO-just the nuggets"

she presses the 6 nuggets button- 1.89 comes up

then i realised that its better to get 2 bags of 4 nuggets at 0.99= 8 nuggets for 1.98

9pence more and 2 more nuggets

so i say " sorry can i make that ........

scw: "uhhh oh my god"

scw: " you want a meal don't you!"

me: " no i dont actually-i wnated to change it to two bags of 4 nuggets"

me:"also 'o my god' was really not necessary-i just changed my mind"


pass her a tenner

give me change- then she gets some more change so i hold my hand out still

scw: "ive already given u your change-this is for the charity pot"

me: "how was i suppose to know"

scw: " coz you have 8 pounds and 2pence in your hand"

like i knew that!

me: "look if you having personal problems please do not take them out of me"

then i step away to one side with stanley to wait for my nuggets-rambling on about how i couldnt understand her rudeness

nuggets done

she hands them to me in my hand

me: "erh, where's the bag"

she gives it to me

me: "and the bbq sauce i asked for before"-whats nuggets without sauce like????

she gave it to me

me: " "-had nothing to say-but BITCH-and i was on good behaviour that day so i held it in