a little rant........

havent felt so strongly about something in quite a while, so thought i would share this rant with u all.


i believe them to be something passed from generation to generation, they are one of the major things which discriminates us from animals, along with other stuff like talking.

however lately, it feels as though people were never taught them or just choose to abuse them. there have been a number of recent situations in which i have been a victim of bad manners-and I JUST AIN'T GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!.

EXample 1)
If i and every1 else at the bus stop have been there for 10 minutes, what gives you the right after standing at the stop for all of 2 milliseconds to step foot onto the mass transport vessel BEFORE ME!!

EXample 2)
When u go to a restaurant you order what u want and i order what i want, so when my food comes dont stick ur fork in my food before i do, you have UR OWN, i eat mine u eat yours-u can ask for a taSte, but just cause ur paying for it don't mean u can just help urself to it!