Disability is a state of mind

My mum was shouting at me saying that i seem to forget that at the moment im actually disabled-
To which i answered "Disability is just a state of mind"
In my case it is true-for others it can be debatable.

I don't see having a broken foot as a disability-but more of an fun adventure, it changes everyday life.

1. I don't go to work but I still get paid
2. Every1 moves out my way when I walk down the street
3. Doors are always held open for me
4. I travel for free because no 1 can be bothered to wait 4 me to get my oyster ticket out
5. My invalid student card also works because no1 can be bothered to wait 4 me to get that out either
6. If its raining I simply can't leave the house-ihate the rain
7. I can look an elderly person straight in the eye and feel zero guilt about not giving up my seat
8. People smile at my foot-and even chuckle from time to time
9.Having a bath is like a dangerous sport
10. I have an excuse for EVERYTHING- sorry I can't attend-I have a broke foot. Couldn't pick up the phone- I have a broke foot. Could you make me a sandwich- I would do it myself but I've got a broke foot. Being bored. Being moody. Etc...The list is never ending.

On the other hand it can be a real pain:

1. I can't drive my car!
2. It takes twice as long to go ANYWHERE
3. If it rains im stuck wherever I am .. contrary to many stupid peoples question "don't you have an umbrella", no I don't have an umbrella-how would I fucking use that with two crutches in my hands
4. Stuck in the house a lot
5. Can't have showers, or a Normal bath experience
6. Can't run
Lets now concentrate on the latter remark::
IF YOU DON'T KNOW ME WHY DOES IT MATTER TO YOU HOW I BROKE IT-STRAIGHT UP IM GONNA LIE TO YOU-also its rather fun to come up with real adventurous stories.

They range from the mundane answers to real crazy mad
*Fell out a tree
*Mark had a car crash even though the car wasn..t moving [mark made that one up]
*Messing around [wink wink nudge nudge]
**Oh one of my favourite-I got in a fight with a drunk tramp and I kick him but in his pocket was a bottle of rum-and it broke my foot. That usually gets a big laugh.
*Or one I enjoy doing is completely ignoring the question-e.g. how did you break your foot? Answer: umm its well hot today------It seems to really confuse them.

Well I'm half way thru my 6weeks stretch with my cast coming off Halloween morning-in time 4 me to go trick or treating!!