Beauties: Nike Blazer NBA Premium

If you don't know get to know:::

I'm not a lover of trainers, by this I mean those fit for the purpose of doing sports or enduring impact as i frankly don't do exercise or any movement or activity which would encourage the production of a single bead of sweat from a gland in my body. Its just fucking gross, we are not in the land of the giants, I don't need to escape from predators or dinosaurs so whats the bloody point.
I do however rock converse or vans-2 canvas lovelies-both lack a big bulky sole, air bubble, leather panels and ankle support, all synonymous with trainers.

I do like these kicks.

Even though Nike need to learn that eyelets meet, AKA the gym class ultimate Nerd look is NOT COOL! I've seen them in real life in the orange and they are stupid sexy-but I think the black ones are for meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!