I don’t believe in the ‘Credit Crunch’…….

……Father Christmas, the Boogie Man or the Tooth Fairy! And to tell you the truth I never did, I just recognised that if I pretended that I did, my crusty old tooth would be swapped for a couple quid-so it totally worked in my favour to pretend to be stupid enough to believe a little fairy could lift my big heavy head and give me money which would be too big to fit in her bloody pocket!

Although I knew these mystical creatures didn't exist they didn't seem to cause any harm so I didn't mind others believing, unlike the destructive credit crunch creature! Never have I ever been so affected by something I can't see- except for God and the wind of course. I went on holiday to find out the credit crunched away my airline-so I was stranded in St. Lucia and had to pay for a one way flight home which cost more than my original return ticket! On Saturday I went to 'Oi bagel' to get my usual £2.30 tuna salad bagel with free coffee, to discover its now £2.99 with no free coffee and no mayo! Like WTF: no mayo? All of this is the work of that evil credit crunch, and its done so much more: My car sits lonely and neglected on my drive as the credit crunch creature put up the price of petrol and its so money hungry it stole the jobs of loads of financial workers. It's turning into the new negative religion of the 21st century.

It is totally driven by the fear of others-keeping their money to themselves-pulling them out of banks, selling shares, and an overall lack of confidence in the world economy and financial security.

I believe this credit crunch was created by those that felt the world needed to change-due to the increase in violence and lack of love and respect for fellow humans the only way was to bring everyone back to the 'post war' era, when there was a sense of community and people struggled together instead of apart. When we are all in the same boat it forces a sense of community. And this credit crunch is indiscriminative, it attacks the lower class through food prices and petrol and middle and upper classes through the security of their liquid assets as well as investments and anything over £50k in their bank accounts. Never have I been so happy not to have any savings! Everyone questions the existence of God however I haven't heard one debate about weather the credit crunch actually exists! The more people believe and fear the worse it gets!