Beyonce should've won the x-factor

When I hear a mega star like Beyonce was gonna grace our shitty little ITV I couldn't f'in wait!
I was on the edge of my seat waiting for alex to stop singing and Beyonce to blow her away with her bigger voice bigger weave and bigger bum!
But i give alex her dues cause she kept singing whereas I woulda shut up taken a seat and told her to just carry on, cause i always have said that my audition song would be stevie wonder 'ribbons in the sky' or 'lately' but if he was in the room i would shut right up cause it would be super duper rubbish in comparison to him and probably turn him deaf.

so for that reason people voted for the amazing performance and cheryl-we all bloody love cheryl and her cute little voice and body.

so in conclusion: Cheryl and Beyonce won the x-factor