In the words of Aaliyah: WE NEED A RESOLUTION

If i hear someone else say two thousand and mine-i'm gonna smash them in the face!

I still feel like I'm in December-I've been ill since November with a cold-then the flu-followed by my current killer cough cold thing!-If you make me laugh-you might just kill me with the mother of all coughing fits! Like today, I actually coughed up my left lung! So tomorrow morning I'm off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of Oz to ask him for an immune system-hope he doesn't mess me around like he did with that other bunch.

So I'm on mid-December page of making a resolution-its hard as I can't imagine life with setting goals to achieve and i'm extremely upbeat constantly-they are the 2 usual suspects. I'm allergic to exercise, so that rules out the gym. After 23 years of making NY's resolutions, not forgetting also giving something up for lent what else can I do..........?!
I'm practically perfect!!!!

But I've come up with one that I'm proud of:
To watch all 50 films to watch before you die this year
That makes 1 a week- allowing 2 weeks off- for Christmas week and new years week or holidays etc. Therefore if i die next year at least I can be at peace knowing I've watched all the best movies!!!

This week I start with number 50

50. Badlands (1973)
Atmospheric fictionalisation of the deeds of two murderers who killed their way across the US Midwest in the late 50s. Terrence Mallick directs Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek.

Oh join in with me if you wish-that'll be fun-then we can have an Oprah bookclub-but instead it'll be the blog filmclub-woo hoo.

Let me know if your on it though bluuuuuuuud.