Ok a while back I read an article called “Hipsters” and realised how many parallels it had with “the scene” in London. And prob loads around the western world.

After denying I belonged to “the scene” and then saying that somebody else didn’t, I was told “ how do you know who’s on the scene if your not actually in it”, it sparked me to think, “what’s wrong with the scene?”
I find the only people who have a problem with a group of like-minded people, who are open minded, reject the conventional, enjoy the same fashion and music and therefore share many friends and move in the same circle, are those who don’t belong to it and therefore are throwing stones from the outside onto something that causes no harm to anyone. Actually quite the opposite it makes a family of interesting individuals which encourages collaborations, collection of creative minds, and fun-loving attitudes.

The scene is given a negative connotation, because its is popular belief that people in it-or are they on it?… well whatever, think of themselves as ‘cool’. But isn’t the non-mundane, fresh, original and brilliantly crazy the definition of cool? That only seems to piss off people outside the loop banging on the doors to get in!

I know many people on “the scene” but don’t include myself in it-I would believe myself to be more like the random gatecrasher that loves the people, and shares the fun loving attitude. I am by trade a scientist and by employment a banker, however, I neither limit the scope of my mind or love for originality and creativity. It seems to confuse many that you can be an academic and yet be interested in fashion, arts and music.

To be brutally honest I enjoy attending great parties where I bump into the same fun loving non-stush people with great music, over a party where I have to get all dressed up- pay a tenner, wear strappy heels and feel like a cattle in a room lined by men eye-ing me up for a dance. Don’t get me wrong if R’n’B raves are your thing its all good but I don’t attend like you wouldn’t attend a bad boy dubstep night at cargo! Circles exist all over London, only when it is made up of the young, beautiful, fashion conscious and creatively successful it’s labelled a “scene”.

I’m not gonna lie I know many people on the scene aren’t the most talented in the world or even interesting of people. Some may deem it bare clickie, there is a certain uniform of the best streetwear brands/designers or same mode of transport. They sport the most non-mundane creative occupations, they are the confident, the ultra talented and popular. But also the pretentious and egotistical like you find in all circles of life. Its not all positive but, all I hear is negativity against it.

A “Scenester” is usually identified by that person that’s everywhere, but then don’t you have to be at all those places too?…….hang on maybe you’re part of “The Scene”?