Lawrence Fishburne Vs CSI

So Lawrence Fishburne is starring in the most watched television programme on earth.

The first episode he featured in was aired on channel five tonight in the first of 3 hours of CSI.

I'm used to seeing Lawrence as Morpheus-well correction I actually believe he is Morpheus, its weird to see him having to act like a complete Jub. He's the new guy who's awkward and getting bossed around by everyone, while he conceals his knowledge. I just want him to whip out his guns do some mad kung-fu and then make a call and return to the matrix.

Although I find it quite weird to see big actors on the small screen, it seems to be the new in-thing, for instance Angela Bassett is currently staring in the last season of ER. Every-time I see her I think of the bad-ass scorned wife she played in 'Waiting To Exhale'. But now she's playing a broody doctor who's an outcast to everyone else. It makes it hard to relate to the down-to-earth roles they play on television when you associate them with such larger than life strong leading roles. George Clooney made the progression from the small screen to the big screen and hasn't returned-well that is until now when ER pleaded him back for the final episode. But you know what I mean-it should be progression not regression. I don't know if its the case of actors needing the money-or TV shows having huge budgets, or the high popularity of television dramas drawing the actors, or all of the above. I believe impeccable acting on shows like 'The Wire' has spurred on other television dramas to not only work on cliffhanger storylines but to also invest time and money into casting and acting capabilities so that each week we get more than just a TV drama we get to watch a short movie.