Last Night J*Davey made audio love to me


J*Davey was.....incredible, sexual, contagious, and an overall orgasmic audio pleasure!

Some complained about the sound quality etc but we were at the gramophone not the royal albert hall, I was way too lost in the music to even notice, it was all too perfect for me, coming from east you learn to accept and enjoy the rougher edges of life (enough dribbling, back to the singing)

When Ms Davey covered A Tribe Called Quest's 'electric relaxation', I almost lost my f'in mind.

If you didnt reach early you were pisssed! So many gorgeous faces I havent seen in so long were in attendance-it was an amazing night-oh an PROPS TO THE DJ'S, the music before the show was ridiculous too!! I took some photos, which are rather pants (see above), as I was dancing to much and sweating to hard to really even bother, so check the pics below from the Amazing Fatsarazzi to visually understand the greatness of last night and why I'm not a professional photorapher, and why Fats definately IS!

If you don't know about J*Davey, GET SCHOOLED.