Last Night I went to see Terminator 4 with the newly assembled RichMix movie club!
Mr James Rubin, the genius he is, bought out the whole back row! It was just like school days!

THE MOVIE WAS GOOOOOD-action action action, and much better than terminator 3.
Christian Bell is Officially the new action man! He really does need to stop that batman voice though! But I loved the dark grittiness of the movie. Being an action movie based in the future means that not everything makes sense-and there are lots of holes you can pull in it. But if you just watch for pure entertainment's sake-its f'in GREAAAAAT!!

There were some genius one liners, and quotes

"what should I tell them when they find out you're gone?"
John Connor:"I'll be back"

Common, in true rapper style: "This ones for my brother"

Terminator guy: "Because everybody deserves a second chance"
was that everybody or every body? couldn't quite work it out. Also turns out that in the near future which is only 2013 immuno-suppressants are not needed as they have found a way to prevent the body from rejecting someone elses organ! oh wow! and they can do a heart transplant in the middle of the desert! I love the future, the machines might rise against us but everything else is just super.