***Disclaimer Penelope Cruz is one of the most beautiful and captivating woman I have ever seen. In this movie she become your drug as well as all the characters in the movie. Your eyes are hooked on her and your persona actually makes you fall in love with her. I have warned you***

This is a real film, a homage to of the old black and white classics. A spanish subtitled film, the main character is a blind writer who reminiscences on a sequence of events which changed his and many others lives. Amazingly beautiful and intriguing direction and a wonderful script. I would watch again. It is not a thriller, or an action, or a rom-com, it is a visual telling of an interesting story with great acting, there are no juicy twists or underhand message, it is simply a captivating, enjoyable and beautiful movie.

Oscar nominations are a complete definite!

The movie is just Beautiful!