MOS DEF.....initely not!

Would be the answer to the question: "Do you wanna go to see Mos Def live in concert?"

Concert Review: Mos Def @ The HMV Forum 29th November 2009

After waiting in a 10 mile queue just to pick up my tickets, it was necessary to queue AGAIN to gain entrance in a line 4 times as long which put the ones at disney land to shame. Forgot to add it was RAINING!

So once we were finally inside, dry, and had a drink in my hand; I was extremely happy. The DJ was playing great tune after tune and the good vibe was growing. When we were told Mos Def was coming out in 15 minutes it was rather good news the first time, but after hearing it for the third time I started to question the meaning of time, and how much i appreciated my trainer, as I was contemplating dashing it at his head the next time he said it.

So its now after 10pm, thoughts at this time included "hang on isn't this gonna end at 11pm? He cannot think about doing a set for less than an hour! surely not!" Finally Mr Def arrived on stage to give a drum recital to 'Supermagic' from The Ecstatic album.
Ummm wtf?

Followed by a handful of tunes that make up the filler of The Ecstatic album. In between which he constantly looked to his DJ to find out whats going on. After a few songs he played the original he sampled while dancing and singing along, like you do in your bedroom, in your own time. Then another drum recital, **yawn** boring. Where's Ms Fat Booty, Umi says, The boogie man song, sex, love and money etc? but instead now we have another play on another instrument; this time a harmonica! Can anyone say ONE MAN BAND!

But if he pulled out another instrument Umi says I'm going home!

But then comes the MJ tribute! with the moonwalk- that was good, but enough of the karaoke! How bout some Mos Def?

It gets to 11pm and unfortunately he's still performing, but fortunately its prevented me bitching about a 45 minute show! With a whisper to the ear he is alerted to the fact that he's run over time, but he's more than aware that hes been pissing around for the past 45 minutes he knows he has to actually bring it now.

And so in the last half hour we get SOME of the tunes we all love! Finally ending on Umi says!

He ended on a miraculous applause! I was shocked- like "Wow-Lots of people actually appreciated this performance?". But for me thats not a performance worthy of being in a large venue, £25 tickets, standing in a line for over an hour in the rain, driving to Kentish town or getting home late on a Sunday night; let alone an applause. Now if i was jamming at his house while he played a few of his fav tunes while singing and busting a groove, messing on some of his instruments he's learning to play via youtube tutorials; I would've loved it! But when I see someone live i want energy, actual live performance of their own music and an actual want to please his paying fans.

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Message to Mos Def: Don't forget your energy at home