Welcome to Romford

Is a great new channel 4 fly on the wall series where they place a camera in min cabs from Romford's notorious A1 minicab firm and present to you Romford through the journeys of the late night customers of their back seats.

A little blurb from C4::
"The life of a cabbie is never dull. On a Friday night, the drivers of A1 Taxis get all sorts of people in the back of their cabs, from a young couple on the way back from their 'wedding on the cheap' to a man found lying in the middle of the road. A couple who have just met on the internet, jealous couples, reunited couples and couples who can't wait to get home. Plus desperate young men, lonely old men and everyone else between."

Defo a must watch- provides a glimpse into the lives of real Essex unlike the unwatchable "The only way is Essex"

7.30pm Friday 4th Feb Channel 4 or watch now on 4OD