I was better at being a child than I am being an adult

I think it's because I only had 18 years to make the most of child-dome whereas this adult stage goes on forever it's like your virginity once you loose it there's no going back. Unless you count being old a distinction from being an adult, I suppose when your elderly you can plead diminished responsibility then they basically get promoted back to child-dome.

Think about it children and old people can get away with so many things and it's cool cause their old or they're a baby and "don't know any better" I list:
Wetting themselves in public
Not washing themselves
Saying inappropriate things
Stating the obvious (children usually say "I don't like you" old people say stuff like "she's fat")
They don't work
Now as an adult all of the above are frowned upon as antisocial, irresponsible behaviour, but at the beginning and end of life anything goes. So enjoy the bread part of this sandwich we call life cause the meaty filling is fucked.