Evisu 20th Anniversary: Make the Rules Exhibition

Popped along to the exhibition to have a butchers. Mark aka Mister Batlow aka my bestest friend's art was the best so there might be an ever so slightly bias view to the photos i.e there aren't any photos of anything else! Insa's piece was alright too, but it was too rammed to get a good photo (that's an excuse).

It was a night lubricated by free Gin, Sailor Jerry (most people were more excited about stealing the Sailor Jerry plastic cups than actually drinking the rum), ginger beer and what would be a night without some free Vitamin Water. There was also lots of free sushi, and a grotesque amount of raw fish in the shape of a big Evisu logo like you would expect to see at some corporate function. Met lots of new faces and enjoyed many fleeting conversations. Mainly a good excuse to hang out with my mates.

Ying-Yang Remixed

I love Nigel




The Idea Generation Gallery
11 Chance Street, London E2 7JB
7th December 2011