Munich May 8th 2012

A BIG thank you to the Stylist for an article written over a month ago entitled 8 Exhibitions worth going on holiday for. I read there was a Georgia O'Keeffe retrospective in Munich and literally booked a ticket with easyjet as soon as I walked through my front door.

Being a floral enthusiast together with the fact that there haven't been many large exhibitions outside of her home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, means I didn't think twice about having to go. I have admired O'Keeffe since I was in school. Her work was and still is a huge source of inspiration for me. Its the 3rd time I have travelled for an art exhibition, so I guess I'm like those Football fanatics who would travel all over the world to support their team.

I flew from Stansted. I was the only non-middle-aged white businessman on my flight.
Munich was 22 degrees and humid, bright and calm. Much less 'German' than Berlin, it had a rather laid back Parisian feel to it but it lacked the great expression and grittiness of Berlin.
Wonderful beer and beautiful architecture; perfect for walks.

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