Chelsea Flower Show 2012 - 35mm (Damaged)

In May I was invited by RHS to cover the Chelsea Flower Show. As a floral addict and my first time attending I was so hyped. The weather was perfect and the level of floral design and quality of flowers was overwhelming (so was the pollen though); it will now be an annual event in my diary. However when it came to rewinding my film, I was a little overzealous and ripped it (sad face) worry not!...I was able to save half and those have some interesting results - enjoy. ***none of these photographs have been digitally editted***
97660002 97660003 97660013 97660019 97660018 97660005 97660006 97660009 97660010 97660011 97660012 97660014
22nd - 26th May 2012