Culture Culture read all about it!!

I had a weekend of culture that fed my mind and my palate!
Due to woman pains yesterday rendering me too lazy to blog-it is a delayed one today.


Went to see the amazing show "The harder they come" at the barbican theatre
The 1971 remake of the cult Jamaican musical featuring Jimmy Cliff
Took the mother as I knew it was her fav movie-although i haven’t seen it
So when we arrived i asked for a brief synopsis of the story
Which made her repeatedly say "I can’t believe you haven’t seen it" - to which i kept replying "I’M ONLY 22-it came out in 1971!"
well it was an amazing evening filled with skanking, bogals. wining and reggae classics
At the end everyone-old young black white and yellow were all on their feet dancing and singing along in pure reggae harmony!!
ALL FOR £10 -CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!! great value!-ended it all on one of the last trains home with a fillet-o-fish in hand.


I WAS EDUCATED IN ’CARLUCCIOS’ the amazing Italian restaurant!
For everybody that knows about it-i know im late-for everybody that doesn’t you need to check it out!
AND THE DESSERTS-don’t get me started!!!!
Start to finish-all 3 courses were fantastic!! I experienced a complete culinary high-fueled by my drunkness on food-it tasted great and i felt it-imma go back just to take pics of that dessert!!


Went to "Into the hoods" showing at the Novello theatre
FIRST OF ALL CAN I MENTION:: When i went to pick up my tickets i was informed
"Miss Leon your seats have been upgraded!"
to which i pulled my fist down and said "boop boop!"
as it never happens to me-and always the guy in the suit infront!-back to the show

Advertised as a hip-hop musical
It was a novel visual and audio pleasure-in which well known and loved beats ranging from hip-hop to R’n’B applied suitably to the storyline of the performance.
A performance of complete dance-street/break and some ballet - sick chromatography and comic timing - left me laughing and wowing all at the same time so i just sat forward with my mouth open for the whole of the show.
Think it finishes this week so cop a ticket if you can!!