"Now the drugs don't work
They just make you worse
But I know I'll see your face again"

The Verve

Word to your mother!!

Now its 4.24am, and I'm not in the US or somewhere far away and exotic in another time zone neither am I just arriving home from a fun night out.

No I have become an insomniac. restless anxious and short tempered and did I mention anxious, all due to my evil new antibiotic friend Clarithromycin.

It started that I couldn't get to sleep, then I couldn't wake up, then waking in the early hours of the morning- and now I'm full blown insomniac.

Its not cool - I'm thinking should I watch another movie? seems as the first one didn't work its not a great idea, humm lay and wait for my brain to get bored- that could never happen my mind is constantly thinking about no less than three things at any one time. Or maybe I should just pretend it's the middle of the day, do some ironing have some food, write a blog. I'm thinking cause its making me act craaazy I should probably limit my interaction with other people....damage limitation. Just so I still have friends when I'm up and well (just an idea).

This is going out to all my fellow sleep deprived, dream dodgers!