I heart Instagram

Instagram is officially my favourite iphone app! Obviously because I love photography, but also because it has great filters and allows me to share photos on FB, twitter, blog straight to tumblr and upload to my flickr at the swipe of a finger. But also because I get so see the world through so many peoples eye-phones (ahahaha, my bad) all over the world. I don't know what they look like, sound like, what they do for a living but I get to share their world though photographs. I particularly love seeing photos from Londoners I don't know but by identifying where/when their photos are taken, I realise we have crossed paths - crazy shit! Like "I was there, but who were you......"


So here are some of my Instagram pics. Long life Instagram!! Amen

Air vent Pie and mash lunch Pie and mash

Sunrays LDN Wednesday Morning Sun

Floral street Orchid Tupliplips

HiHi White Rose North London fleur

Orchids Chrysanthemum

Krispy Kreme cafe Enfield Daily hand-wear Often licked never beaten

L O V E Love in a mug IMG_0122

Can you see I love you? Awoh First Class

IMG_0025 IMG_0071 CDA

Jon bday Chucks @canonjon new shades

Vintage Fancy dress Good Vs Important