I was recently nominated for the 7 Links Challenge. I decided to accept the challenge just because I had no reason not to. So I have trolled through years of posts to choose links to my most beautiful, popular, controversial and helpful posts. Together with a post whose success surprised me, a post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved and the post that I'm most proud of.

My most beautiful post
"When I'm down I just draw some roses" 6 September 2009

My most popular post (judged by amount of views)
Lady Gaga Shoot 14 July 2009

My most controversial post (also one of my most favourite posts)
MOS DEF.....initely not! 30 November 2009

My most helpful post
Most enjoyable 3 minutes and 39 seconds 18 February 2009

A post whose success surprised me
I heart Instagram 11 June 2011

A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
Late Post: NYC September 2010 BnW 12 January 2011

The post that I am most proud of
Morocco 2011-12 Black & White Lady Grey 400 35mm 16 January 2012